Learning Today / Leading Tomorrow..

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

- Oscar Wilde -

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The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

- Margaret Mead -

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Together We Make The Difference.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

- Aristotle -

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SKILL Development

Any weapon is a good weapon as long as ye can use it with honor and skill.

Expert Teachers

The teachers are experts, who strive to enable all students to reach their potential.

Best Classrooms

Teach love, generosity, good manners and some of that will drift from the classroom

About Us


SET is Working in the field of Entrepreneurship for last 10 years.We are organizing various types of self Employment related Skill base Training Programe in the entire state of Maharashtra. We offer to conduct free seminars at premises for valuable customers. We are organizing short term practical oriented programs which have mention Below.







Our Features

We are talking, of course, about the slew of new features that slowly but surely become standard over time. This year, we have all kinds of new things to look forward to, from new Skill techniques and Development to futuristic technology that allows drivers to see in all directions, and even in the dark.

Industrial Visits/ Education Tour

The institute makes arrangement for the students to have the industrial visits and education tour. This is very useful to the student to Learn latest trends in the industries. This helps to bridge the gap between institute & industries.

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Expert Teachers

We have a very good team of experienced faculty members for coaching the students in their studies for the courses selected by them. Each faculty member give quality training to the students & can in turn benefit in their features and give exposure and the focus on relating theoretical issues

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Practical Training

Practical of various subjects of all the branches are conducted in well equipped Workshops as per the syllabus. also used 5s Training so every student work in excellent radius and get 100% postive feedback in his career.

Institute majorly give practical based syallabus so every student have opportunity to give his result and learn new thing for his feature work

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Free Career Counselling

Besides the Qualification / Degree/ Diploma, organizations are looking at certain competencies during the interview process. There are certain skills or competencies over and above the technical skills that students have learnt during the course, some time institute have play major role to understand student views and how to used there own creativity in his career path.

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Free Placement

The Placement department provides career resources for the students who seek inplant training as part of curriculum. However the student is ultimately responsible for securing his / her own job. Institute provides resources, contacts and information to help students to determine career plan that caters individual background and goal.

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Our Courses

This Skilled courses are Teach in SET Institute.

Two Wheeler Repairing 60 Days

Automobile Reparing [2 Wheeler]

Information of care of the Vechile

Basic Theory of Two Wheeler repairing

Practicals and Service stations

Washing Centres/Spare Shoppy

Introduction of various Types of Engines

Market Review of saleing

Business review in Market.

Details 15,000
Xerox Machine Repairing 30 Days

Xerox Machine

Types of Xerox machines

Working of Xerox machines

Identify the faults

Rectify the faults

Spare parts Management

Scope of business

Error code

Details 10,000
AC, Fridge Repairing 60 Days

AC, Fridge

Theory of refrigeration

Parts of A.C. & fridge

Identify Various faults

Rectify the faults


Tools, spare parts management

Visits to cold storage, ice factory

On job training at service centers

Details 18,000
Web Designing 60 Days

Web Designing

Fundamentals of Web designing.

Web Page Creation by Using Designing Software

Fromatting With HTML

Web page Guidance.

Guidance ForDesigning Concept.

Hands On Training On Live site

Details 20,000
Four Wheeler Repairing 90 Days

Four Wheeler Repairing

Practically learn & work with your own hands.

On job training at reputed company show rooms, Learn from expert.

Spare parts management.

Guidance to start workshop & washing centre.

Information about Govt. loan schemes.

Details 30,000
Wireman Course 30 Days

Wireman Course

Theory of Basic Electricity

Information of Tools

Electrical Accessories

Conductor/Insultators and wires/cables

Types of Wiring/Earthing

Joints/Soldering/Taping, Types of Bulbs

Fan: ceiling /Table/exhaust/Electric bell

Practials of wiring/electricity

Details 10,000

Our Faculty

teacher img


2 Wheeler Automobile Reaparing

22 years of experience in Automobile Reaparing

teacher img

Shirish Waghmare

AC/Fridge Reparing

35 years of experience in AC/Fridge Reparing

teacher img

Sachin Deshpande

Xerox/Printer Reparing

30 years of experience in Xerox/Printer Reparing

The auto industry must acknowledge that a rational transportation policy should seek a balance between individual convenience, the efficient use of limited resources, and urban-living values that protect spaciousness, natural beauty, and human-scale mobility.


Stewart Udall

Auto Industery

Often motivated by a desire to maintain the existing status quo, sloth almost cost the U.S. its auto industry, as it refused for decades to build fuel-efficient cars to compete with Japanese, Korean and European imports.


Simon Mainwaring

Auto Industery

A number of us had conversations with the Kerry campaign about what he was going to say about CAFE. What he told us was that he did not want to sacrifice jobs and that he wanted to work with the auto industry to achieve that goal.


Jennifer Granholm

Auto Industery